• Metropolis Comics provides customers with vintage, hard-to-find collections, and has done so for over fifteen years. They have, through consistent buying, selling, and trading, earned the prestigious and well-earned title of of #1 dealer in the world of comics.
  • ComicConnect's goal is to provide buyers and sellers of comics a simple and elegant alternative site for consignment. ComicConnect gives users control over the price they want to pay, and the price earned by the sale of their goods.
  • PGX Comic was created to meet the growing demand for professional, third-party comic book grading. Books that have been encapsulated and certified by an objective third-party grading service take the guesswork out of the grading process for both collectors and dealers.
  • Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) is an independent, expert third-party comic book grading service. Carrying the weight of the number-one certified of books in the industry, CGC is a leader in its field.